throng of people gathered in the vast field at Jesus’ Sacred Heart School, DX-1, South City, Ludhiana for the Annual Sports Day (senior). The school’s sports day is one of the biggest events of the institute as it just does not bring forth the athlete in a child, but also builds, solidifies and celebrates the importance of sports in our country. The students of grade II-X participated in the athletic meet. The event began with a colorful opening ceremony, followed by a speech by the Principal of the school Kirti Sharma. The squads marched in unison during march past as a cheer went up from the audience.

Everybody’s eyes were fixed intently on the field while the sports teachers gave the commands enthusiastically. The movements were stiff, yet graceful. Everybody was in sync with everyone else. The oath was taken, pledges were made and the races began immediately after the March Past. The students entertained the spectators with a mind blowing dance performance. Many other eye-catching, captivating displays and activities were lined up all of which were whole heartedly enjoyed and appreciated by the audience.

The techniques were brilliant in balance race, cone race, drag the ball with hula hoop. The athletes of grade IV-VII were agile and swift in races (100 mts and 200 mts) .Hurdles race was a treat to the spectators. The parents also took part in special fun races for both males and females that got the crowd on their feet, cheering the winners. Apart from this, various other activities like Relay Races, shot put, Tug of war formed part of the activities of the day.


Soon, it was time to announce the results. The parents were waiting in anticipation. Medals were distributed and new talents were noticed. The parents commented on how ebullient the students were. They displayed plenty of house spirit.  It was really commendable how the excitement was sustained throughout the sports day! Director of the school, Pawandeep Singh addressed the gathering by saying that Sports is not just about winning. It is about building interpersonal bonds and often has elements of wishes fulfilled, not to mention elements of camaraderie and above all, participating for the honor of sports, the glory of the game and the spirit of sportsmanship.