`Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere`

Believing in the famous adage that one should keep doing something every day that will inch you closer to be a better tomorrow, students of Jesus’ Sacred Heart School, DX-1, South City, Ludhiana designed their class presentation on varied themes to exhibit their perfection in oratory skills. The parents witnessed the phenomenal output of learning in students of grade 1 through an innovative method in class presentation on topic `experiments` wherein they witnessed tiny little hands working with test tubes and conducting various activities to explain various physical phenomena such as wear and tear due to frictional force, attraction and repulsion, concept of solar eclipse, formation of clouds, gravitational pull etc.

Students of grade 2 were no less than anyone in terms of presenting a power point presentation on changing phase of Indian villages, imparting valuable information about villages in earlier times and how technology and education brought a drastic change in them in modern era. Students spoke intrepid in front of audience explaining various factors lead to an upliftment of villages by introducing e-banking, provision of potable water, smooth transportation, proper waste management etc.

Students of grade 3 took an initiative to put up an exhibition on `water kingdom` by gathering immense of knowledge about aquatic life. Confident students made the parents spellbound with their precision in oratory skill along with the display of the models. They imparted information about aquatic animals and plants with an entirely different respiratory system, their adaptation and how they vary from terrestrial animals and plants. The parents were in praise for the exuberant performance by the students in such a tender age. Their smiles and beaming faces made the atmosphere cheerful.