Teachers at JSHS carry aspirations and intentions of the students. Equipping our students with essential skills for strong academic, interpersonal and intra personal skills is the shared vision of all teachers & parents. They have been carefully selected for their teaching ability, proven track record of success and commitment. The staff is continuously evaluated and their work shops are also conducted to create a motivational learning environment. They not only teach but, as role models, also shape the way students strive for a life long learning so that they become, as much as possible, what they can and what they want to be.


Visiting Faculty

In providing as wide a life-skills base as possible, the school invites leaders from different fields to share their experiences and inspire our students. A number of people, all luminaries in their own area of outstanding achievement-poets and writers, painters and sculptors, botanists and landscape designers, scientists and industrialists, fashion-designers and sports persons, musicians, dancers and actors come & interact with students, give lecture-demonstrations, conduct workshops and impart training to those who show interest.

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