A Gala Celebration of Teacher’s Day in JSHS(05.09.17)


“Let us be grateful to our teachers who imparts knowledge and make our souls blossom.”

We know teaching is a noble profession and at the same time it makes heavy demands on teachers as they have to face challenges to shape students for their future. To shower God’s choicest blessing upon the teachers, Management of Jesus’ Sacred Heart School organised a very meaningful celebration in Nirvana resorts wherein Principal of the school, Ms. Kirti Sharma briefed the teachers in  playing a multifaceted role of a potter, a candle and a ladder and explained how teachers not only impart knowledge but instill in them right values and help them to grow.
A panorama of dances and songs presented by the teachers in a `Talent Hunt Show` were the highlights of the day. All the performances were synonymous of the spirit of the event. A beautiful Vandana Dance  set the mood for everyone present there. It was followed by a reflective power point presentation on how teachers make a difference to the students, comprising picture of teachers taken over the past two years. Dance performances like retro style by pre primary teachers, contemporary dance by non language departments, `seasons of the school`-a role play  interspersed with dances by activity teachers stole the show. A medley of delightful songs set the mood of the audience who were thrilled to be a part of grand celebration. Donned with confidence and  best of attire, the teaching and non teaching faculty was feeling proud to a part of this prestigious institution.  Director of the School, Mr. Pawandeep Singh Sehgal addressed the gathering. He depicted the efforts put in by the teachers in bringing the glory and popularity of school . The celebration ended with a sumptuous meal that was enjoyed by the staff The Truly enjoyable, the programme was all about wonderful moments, mirth and goodness. On 5th September, at school everyone was surprised as all the teachers were showered love and gratitude by the students in their respective classes. The programme included dances, skit and songs performed by the students. The home made lavish food was served and shared among students in the classes. The students took great effort and ensured that teachers enjoy every minute.