The students are guided and are given counselling to plan for their future according to their interests and aptitudes. they are given information about latest trends in the market and job opportunities available. They are shown a real picture of indigenous and global scenario to help them decide future course of action by selecting appropriate subjects.Intellectuals, famous personalities from various fields interact with the students to equip the students with the information of all professions.

The school provides all stream of Medical,Non- Medical and Commerce along with functional courses.


Dreams are nurtured in the years  at school and equal care is taken to support the students to fulfil them in the next phase of higher education.

Career choice is a defined process as our student are taught to become aware of their potential,interest aptitude and is done with the regular aptitude tests,which are supported by careful career planning under the assistance of the best career counsellors.

Group guidance and personlised counselling are continual features of the school. Variety of activities through out the schooling years and even more emphasis focused from grade nine,help students have first hand experience in fields of their interest. interacting with successful people of various professions helps them understand the finer skills of the vocation. Special trips to private and public sectors are organised to facilities students make realistic decision so that they do not get lost in the web of unrealistic aspirations.