The Curriculum is broad based and ensures special inputs for the child good at mathematics and music, languages or organizational skills, science or handling crisis or people. It anticipates the increasing range of opportunity and the astounding variety of careers opening up due to the phenomenal developments unfolding in present times.

The foundations of mathematics and science are laid through an imaginatively designed hands-on programme. Literature is not confined to 18th, 19th and 20th Century English authors and poets. Pluralistic voices of women writers, Poetry of Pakistan, Shri Lankan poets, cries of Black American men and women of letters and voices from African, Latin American and the Arab world are all to be experienced by Jesus’ Sacred Heart School students.

Student at JSHS has 5 day working week while Saturday and Sunday remain off for them to rejuvenate & recapitulate the work done in previous week and Wednesday observed as an activity day. Whole of the curriculum followed at various levels of student life is according to CBSE guidelines along with international level exposure to the children so as to nurture world citizens. The school follows CCE(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) for IX-X as prescribed by the Board. CBSE board administers public examination for class XII.

The school follows a curricular which can be broadly categorised as follows:

1.Innovative Teaching: -Modern methods are employed to enable learning for comprehensive and holistic education. These methods are a departure from the traditional rote learning and it is progressed by:-

(a) Development of multiple intelligence.                         (b) Student centric learning.

(c) Project based learning.                                                   (d) Creativity- centred learning.

2. Growing with Activities:- “Do it and learn it” is the simple ethic followed by teachers at JSHS. For this there is a “ Formative Task Planner” planned every two months so as push the children to learn through their own experiences and gain through other’s experiences.

3.Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Learning: –Learning: – Learning cannot be compartmentalised. So is the belief of JSHS team. We believe that children should know how to use one subject’s concepts to solve a given issue of another subject. Hence multidisciplinary projects are given to children to use their learning as a whole.

4. Learning Support: – Learning difficulties are diagnosed and then corrective measures are taken through a carefully planned “Remedial Teaching Programme” and “Personalised Learning” through assessment material and study plans for each child. These are mostly carried out on Saturday.

5. Creating Little Leaders:- JSHS infuse a sense of leadership by cultivating a thought of Ayn Rand _ “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” This thought is made permanent through our system of giving a chance to everyone to be  a Monitor for fortnight and the best of them are moved forward to be Prefects and then student council. A huge team of class monitors, 200 prefects of houses and 20 council members share the responsibility of leading their fellows to ward right path by following school’s code of conduct.

6.Involving Families: – Parents as an important stakeholder are integral part of the school. Child’s progress is closely monitored by  both Teacher and parents and is documented in our Child’s Record.” Parents are involved in some activities of the children so as to strengthen their bonds with each other.

at JSHS not only mother and father but grandparents also are a regular invitee to the school in class presentation, recognition days, annual days and sports days and many other celebrations of the school.

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